Nathalie Sanche has been living in the Eastern Townships for fifteen years, where she worked since the beginning as a professional artist-sculptor. Initially, her work revolved around generous volumes as symbols of the sacred feminine: sculptures made of aluminum and wood, women-drawers who stood on tiptoe to counter the laws of gravity. In 2011, some changes happened and forced her to take a pause. A long pause. Then she returned to studies and her research led her to become interested in other artistic mediums: drawing and painting. Recently she graduated in theology and psychology from the University of Sherbrooke..

The imaginary that inspires Nathalie Sanche is animated by a souffle spirituel 1 (spiritual breath). This double inspiration is transposed as a stream flowing through her body, which then embodies in her works, halfway between abstraction and figuration. An abundance of lines and forms are juxtaposed, radiating. The artist carves the paint with brushes and then texturizes it with needles. Hot or cold, the colors are intense and vivid. The arrangement of round and circular shapes looks like a research in astronomy or planetary studies. At other times, the work is portrait-like, a kind of iconographic representations, mystical and enigmatic figures.

Warning: the works of Nathalie Sanche open a space, in a flash, so that the viewer can perceive a seat to rest on for a while.


1. Kandinsky, Du spirituel dans l'art, éd. Denoël, 1989, p. 197

Artistic approach

The imaginary that inspires Nathalie Sanche is animated by a souffle spirituel  (spiritual breath). (Kadinsky, 1989)